Our designers select the most appropriate material to suit the packaging needs of each component. Whether it be a lightweight and delicate part, or a more robust component, the right fabric can make a big difference!

For example- Microfibre Peach is a soft material, that that stops scuffing or polishing of sensitive A Faces and painted parts. Foam, in a variety of thickness’, can be sewn between layers to stop sharp edges deforming other parts. PVC is a strong and sturdy option for heavier components, that is ideal for our stillage concepts. Nylon or Polyester is cost effective, but long lasting and versatile. Our fabric also comes in different weights.

If your dunnage isn’t protecting your components during transit, then it could be as simple as an unsuitable material. Whatever your requirement we would love to help. For more information, or to make an enquiry, please contact our sales team at sales@mjsolpac.com