Kitting has become an integral part of automotive manufacture, so Mjsolpac produce packaging which can hold multiple parts needed together during manufacturing. These kits can then be delivered to the exact point of use on the line, making assembly super-efficient.

Our kits are built to your specifications so Mjsolpac offer a wide range of packaging to suit your needs; whether using standard containers or bespoke fabricated solutions these can be fitted out in the best combination of rigid, textile or foam inserts suitable for your project. Our fabricated containers are used when standard sizes are not suitable. These can be made from various rigid materials including standard and anti-static.

The examples show a solution for a customer who was unable to use standard size containers. The kitting solutions used both foam reinforced location points and textile dust covers along with a secondary removable kitting container. These were sequence kitting needed in different colours and foam types, to easily identity clean area packaging.

We offer a wide range of packaging solutions and have examples of these on our website. For more information, or to make an enquiry, please contact our sales team at