Solpac offer a wide range of customised packaging solutions, we specialise in tailoring solutions to specific customer requirements. The following information provides an overview of some of the ‘types’ of solutions we are able to offer.

Stillages & Steel Solutions

We offer Stillages and steel solutions for all your manufacturing needs. Using standard industry design or a full design & process management solution working towards your bespoke production needs. All stillage’s can be fittings with a combination of textile bags, poly prop systems, polyurethane moulding, wheels or skids.

CAD details can be used to produce full drawings and pre-production sample even before parts are available, this enables process and usability of the solution to be accessed prior to full production.

KLT – Euro Containers

Euro containers, or KLTs, are used in situations where space is limited or there are many variants and volumes are small.

Standard footprints of 300×400, 400×600 and 600×800 are available for both folding and solid container

Velcro is the simplest method of attaching dunnage to a Euro / KLT but can only be used when the parts are very light, this fastening method does have a limited life.

Using a Correx (corrugated plastic) structure allows the dunnage to fold enabling it to be used with a folding Euro / KLT. It also allows the full width of the box to be utilized.

For a more durable solution the dunnage can be supported on fiberglass rods which creates tension between the dividers, enabling multiple layers to be used.

FLC (Folding Large Container)

The most common container we put dunnage into is an FLC (Folding Large Container). They have a footprint of 1200×1000 or 1500×1000 for an E FLC (Extended Folding Large Container).

Dunnage is supported on spring steel bars which creates tension between the dividers.  These can be removed and placed in the base allowing the FLC to fold down to maximise return transit quantities.

Using this system allows the parts to nest together improving pack density beyond any other packaging method, whilst still retaining the outer protection from the FLC.

FLC - Folding Large Container

Bespoke Containers

We can produce sculpted foam trays for smaller parts, for use with 400×300, 600×400 or 800×600 euro containers.

We supply fixed dividers for parts that are particularly heavy or have sharp edges.

Non standard containers of any size are fabricated from tough Triplex sheet material incorporationg stacking rims and handles.

Our repair and maintenance service ensures maximum life span for all returnable packaging products.

If you would like more information about our products and services, or have a requirement you would like to discus with us, call us on +44 (0) 161 434 1707  or