Mjsolpac’s expertise ensures our packaging solutions include the following benefits

Cost Effective Packaging

Cost Efficiency

Our packaging solutions don’t just deliver outstanding performance, they are also an extremely economical answer to supply chain expenditure.

Our bespoke returnable packaging offers proven savings on your transportation and storage costs. From initial concept to final implementation, mjsolpac will help you add value to your products by offering INCREASED PACK DENSITY; INCREASED PART PROTECTION; REUSABILITY; ZERO-WASTE; IMPROVED LOGISTICS PERFORMANCE.

Bespoke Design

Optimising the volume and protection of your components during transit is a key issue within the packaging industry. Our bespoke design solutions incorporate the use of technical textiles and bespoke steel stillages to create a tailored solution to your specific supply chain requirements.

Durable, practical and offering the highest performance in protecting your goods, mjsolpac offer a complete customisable solutions service for your packaging, right from design through to implementation.

Bespoke Packaging Solutions
Environment friendly packaging


Protect what’s good!

Balancing innovation with environmental responsibility is on the strategic agenda of producers and consumers across many industries.

Mjsolpac can help you reduce your carbon footprint with sustainable packaging that can be used and reused time and time again within your production loop. Our packaging solutions offer a 3:1 return ratio due to the collapsible nature of our boxes, cages and inserts – that’s fewer return truckloads for your company and tier suppliers.

Our solutions are completely waste-free, removing the cost and impact of disposing or recycling existing expendable materials such as cardboard and plastic.


How to ensure many happy returns!

Minimising damage and ensuring 100% protection of each and every component within the transport loop can be achieved with mjsolpac. Your products are protected against even the smallest scratch with our reusable solutions that withstand the wear and tear of industrial environments and international transportation.

Mjsolpac will help keep your components free from damage and foreign material, working to eliminate the number of rejects, which will boost customer satisfaction and make savings for your business.

Product Protective Packaging
Ergonomically designed packaging solutions


Efficient packaging that combines the science of the human body with our bespoke design to create products that look great, perform flawlessly and fit perfectly.

The physical and psychological relationship between people and the objects they interact with can be an important factor in the smooth-running of any business or task. Mjsolpac bridge the gap with easy-to-use packaging that can be used in a healthy, comfortable and efficient manner.

Mjsolpac offer manufacturers tremendous opportunities to satisfy the needs of their various stakeholders within in a components life cycle. Our designs are very rarely made obsolete due to the durability and practicality of using them.

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