Stillage Repairs

We can offer our customers a comprehensive stillage repair and refurbishment service. Stillages which have been subjected to considerable wear and tear can be returned to full working order, allowing you to get much better value from your investment.

We recommend sending photos of your damaged containers in order to give you the most accurate costing of the repair job. Depending on the job a site inspection may be needed to cost the repairs fully.

• Cleaning and sticker removal
• Bespoke modifications
• All bent, twisted or broken parts straightened, repaired and welded
• All damaged or missing mesh or infill bars replaced and repaired
• Use of scrap units for spares ensuring minimal new spare part costs
• Spray painting and re-coating
• Replacements parts are available (castors, pallet feet, gates, hinges etc.)
• Tagging identification markings renewal (safety stickers)